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US-2011117148-A1: Whitened exine shells patent, US-2010112181-A1: Recovery of Antioxidants from Decaffeination Process patent, US-2011128692-A1: Thin film resistor patent, US-2011055058-A1: Contact alert system and method patent, US-2012164709-A1: Recombinant beta-glucosidase variants for production of soluble sugars from cellulosic biomass patent, US-2014063650-A1: Accurate radius and velocity measurement of tape transports patent, US-2014034-A: Filter apparatus patent, US-2011237495-A1: Functional metabolomics coupled microfluidic chemotaxis device and identification of novel cell mediators patent, US-2011265820-A1: Cleaning process for a test device, computer program product for performing such a process, and test device patent, US-2012097898-A1: Replacing aqueous with non-aqueous solvent patent, US-2012286428-A1: Formation of through-silicon via (tsv) in silicon substrate patent, US-2013058980-A1: Small molecule inhibitors of protein kinases patent, US-2013309286-A1: Glucan Compositions patent, US-2013330598-A1: Non-aqueous electrolyte solution for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same patent, US-2014076889-A1: Container with sidewall and closure patent, US-2011293608-A1: Annexin a2 as immunological target patent, US-2012046443-A1: Novel biomimetic peptoid polymers patent, US-2012115929-A1: Means And Methods For Counteracting, Preventing And/Or Determining Heart Failure, Or A Risk Of Heart Failure patent, US-2012141577-A1: Linear expression cassette vaccines patent, US-2013176396-A1: Broadband imager patent, US-2013288979-A1: Inhibitors of Apoptosis and Uses Thereof patent, US-2011046124-A1: Bait Spray for Controlling Ant Populations patent, US-2011156315-A1: System and Method for Manufacturing a Medication patent, US-2012196126-A1: Copper Red Frits And Pigments patent, US-2013121968-A1: Methods of combining metagenome and the metatranscriptome in multiplex profiles patent, US-2014377569-A1: Silicone composition that can be cross-linked by means of dehydrogenative condensation in the presence of a carbene-type catalyst patent, US-2011074031-A1: Back side metallization with superior adhesion in high-performance semiconductor devices patent, US-2012069155-A1: Display apparatus and method for processing image thereof patent, US-2013082304-A1: FinFET Device and Method Of Manufacturing Same patent, US-2013175694-A1: Packages and Method of Forming the Same patent, US-2014018650-A1: System and method for providing family mode for monitoring devices patent, US-2015065390-A1: Integrated sensors patent, US-2010119866-A1: Low-temperature synthesis of integrated coatings for corrosion resistance patent, US-2010171181-A1: Method of forming a semiconductor device having an epitaxial source/drain patent, US-2014038903-A1: Selective Cysteine Protease Inhibitors and Uses Thereof patent, US-2011275518-A1: Compositions and Methods Comprising High Valency Silver for Increasing Seed Germination patent, US-2012258881-A1: Methods and/or Use of Oligonucleotide Conjugates for Assays and Microscopy/Imaging Detections patent, US-2011186780-A1: Transition Metal Ion Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals and a Process for the Preparation Thereof patent, US-2013172112-A1: Golf ball resin composition and golf ball patent, US-2014190613-A1: Moulded article and label therefor patent, US-2010104606-A1: Allergen fragments patent, US-2012121682-A1: cRGD PEPTIDE DERIVATIVE AND ITS MANUFACTURE, AND IMPLANT HAVING A COATING CONTAINING A cRGD PEPTIDE DERIVATIVE patent, US-2014166498-A1: Water purification system and method patent, US-2010173126-A1: Lightweight component of hybrid patent, US-2012065858-A1: Vehicle safety systems and methods patent, US-2011265489-A1: Pyrolyzing gasification system and method of use patent, US-2012202104-A1: Separator for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same patent, US-2011130295-A1: Diagnostic Methods For Determining Prognosis Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patent, US-2010279155-A1: Lithium-ion battery with electrolyte additive patent, US-2012270268-A1: Anti-CD100 Neutralizing Antibodies and Methods of Using the Same patent, US-2014037-A: Device for cleaning and flushing pipes patent, US-2010324235-A1: Catalytic composition for producing 1-alkene and acrylates copolymer and method for producing 1-alkene and acrylates copolymer patent, US-2015057375-A1: Use of improved n-alkyl pyrrolidone solvent patent, US-2015099750-A1: Metalloenzyme inhibitor compounds patent, US-2011091676-A1: Pressure-sensitive adhesive film and back-grinding method using the same patent, US-2011241130-A1: Semiconductor device having a blocking structure and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012103184-A1: Electrostatic filtration system patent, US-2012228672-A1: Method for forming a ge on iii/v-on-insulator structure patent, US-2011294782-A1: Small molecule pak inhibitors patent, US-2015110718-A1: Methods and kits for determining a placebo profile in subjects for clinical trials and for treatment of patients patent, US-2012129049-A1: Method of making silicon anode material for rechargeable cells patent, US-2014030231-A1: Methods and compositions for preserving tissues and organs patent, US-2015072232-A1: Lithium-ion secondary battery patent, US-2012093837-A1: Compositions and methods for detecting egfr in cancer patent, US-2013136985-A1: Electrode, secondary battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, electric power storage system, electric power tool, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2011161194-A1: Recommending a shoe size based on best fitting past shoe purchases patent, US-2010209407-A1: Mc-1r, mc-2r, and/or mu opioid receptors modulation patent, US-2011180564-A1: Timing Soap Dispenser Apparatus and Method patent, US-D765006-S: patent, US-D765679-S: patent, US-D765760-S: patent, US-D765853-S: patent, US-D765921-S: patent, US-D766654-S: patent, US-D766828-S: patent, US-D767470-S: patent, US-D767645-S: patent, US-D767769-S: patent, US-D768147-S: patent, US-B486678-I5: patent, US-B497584-I5: patent, US-B500176-I5: patent, US-B540767-I5: patent, WO-9939083-A2: Geothermische vertikalturbine patent, WO-2004052527-A8: Verfahren und reaktor zur amplifikation von dna patent, WO-2005012819-A9: Wärmeübertrager sowie platte für einen wärmeübertrager patent, WO-2005028335-A8: Mehrkammerbehälter, insbesondere zweikammerflasche, und verfahren zu dessen herstellung patent, WO-2014155173-A9: Vliesleitbrücke für eine karde oder krempel patent, WO-2017207159-A1: Schaltschrank für abgasmessanlagen patent, WO-2017211492-A1: Verfahren, vorrichtung und system zur falschfahrererkennung patent, WO-03011435-A1: Vorrichtung und verfahren zur produktion von getrockneter druckluft aus umgebungsluft patent, WO-2004068578-A2: Verfahren zum herstellen von bitleitungen für ucp-flash-speicher patent, WO-2004085449-A1: Verfahren zur herstellung von hochreinen organo-iridium-verbindungen patent, WO-2009047275-A2: Verfahren und vorrichtung zur mikrobiellen herstellung eines bestimmten produktes und methan patent, WO-2012079872-A2: Haarbehandlungsmittel enthaltend dicocoyl pentaerythrityl distearyl citrate patent, WO-9116786-A1: Beleuchtungseinrichtung patent, WO-9117687-A1: Verschlussvorrichtung für behälter patent, WO-0157353-A2: Vorrichtung und verfahren zum hartgesteinsbohren patent, WO-2005100808-A1: Verfahren zur herstellung einer mitnahmeverbindung bei einem linearantrieb patent, WO-2005117646-A1: Ablagesystem patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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